How I Write My Articles


On duty, I have to create and publish articles. No, I am not a journalist and I have no such education at all. However, I have to create content for peer-reviewed scientific journals, popular science publications, and internet resources. Many years have passed since my first publication, but I still remember it. It was a small thesis for the conference. And every line in this thesis has been hard-won. There is probably no general recipe, but a few tips from a person who has written over a hundred publications may be helpful.


We need to concentrate and catch the wave. It is very difficult now. A smartphone lying on the table beckons to check social networks, read the news, and the coffee maker again lets out fragrant smells. Until you immerse yourself in your work, you will not create anything of value. After all, this is an utterly creative job and it requires all you.


Come up with a draft title and write down the structure of the article point by point


For each section of the article, write a small thesis-conclusion (in one sentence). You will lead your thoughts towards this thesis. Then you can delete it if you want. This is how the text will be structured and directed within the meaning.


The conclusion in the publication should always be. It may not be obvious, but the final sentence should be


Write conclusion and introduction at the end

Last Advice

Think again about the title when the article is written. Think over the keywords well, because this is what will set you apart from the mass of publications.

by MatthewB