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How to Apply strategic Dimensions Analysis to the Real-World News
Many people aware of the strategic dimensions approach used in strategic consulting ask how to use the...
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How I Write My Articles
  On duty, I have to create and publish articles. No, I am not a journalist and I have no such education...
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A Powerful Tool to Support Business in The Face of Complexity and Uncertainty: Strategic Partnerships
Strategic partnerships are a great instrument for supporting business in an environment of perpetual...
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My Remote Work Experience for More than 2 Years
When I was looking for a new job in such a specific industry as consulting, traditionally, you have to...
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Digital Transformation in Your Company Needs a Leader
With digital innovations coming into our daily lives on unprecedented scale the ability to process, manage,...
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Practical Steps for Introducing Organizational Change
Dealing with organizational transformation can be challenging in our times.
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In short, strategy is the art of getting what you want. The strategy answers the question: how to get what you want with limited resources, with a minimum investment of time and effort? Mastering a strategy implies the ability to think, understand what is happening, seek and find non-standard solutions.