Practical Steps for Introducing Organizational Change

Dealing with organizational transformation can be challenging in our times. Multiple layers of complexity meet and overlap here: the expectations of employees and the needs of business, company efficiency and the need to put some structure, bringing some stability and the necessity to deal with constant change, new digital solutions and the urgent need to transfer to remote work — the list can go on. Nevertheless, every manager or HR director dealing with organizational improvements wants to see some down-to-earth sequence of steps to launch the practical plan for change and to make this change more manageable. Here are the essential steps required for any successful organizational transformation:

Step 1: Design the new organizational structure – be careful to make all crucial decision-makers participate, choose the best standard organization type for your company and then tailor it to your needs, be aware of the potential conflicts.

Step 2: Have a designated person in charge of transformation – better not appoint the CEO for this role, desirable to have an outsider.

Step 3: Present the new structure – the presentation must be easy to understand but to also include some detail, key changes to be highlighted.

Step 4: Discuss individually with the key personnel — the questions at this stage central to your employees are “Do I keep my job?” and “Am I promoted or am I moving down the ladder?” so be very careful and specific addressing these issues.